Monday, 9 April 2012


I knew what you were going through
But I didn't knew what to say
I knew how you were feeling
But I just knew how to pray
I wish I knew more better way to help you than what I did to
relieve your tremendous pain
I wish I had a magic wand
and take away your pain
There isn't much
that I could do but pray which I did
But all my prayers were unanswered

There again I was left with another WHY? of life
You were the second chance given to me by Almighty,
YOU as a FATHER in my life, but I failed even this time to save you
Oh father-in-law of mine
I've seen the joy on your face
When your grandson took his first walk
Seen the worry and anxiety
When things just aren't going your way
We needed your guidance, skill, and wisdom
A better man will never be found
Your son wishes he were half the man
That you were
I agree, and desperately hope
That my children will be like you, some
I wish that I could give you something
For all that you've given us
Your knowledge, love, and your youngest son
Tears rolls down the cheeks, knowing that your not physically present here,
But as a legacy, your words of wisdom, your smile, your guidance will always remain
Feels happy to know that you are in a much better place and in much safer hands
You will always be missed
May you RIP, Papa  

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