Friday, 19 August 2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Reveals the truth
The best companion
My mirror on the wall 


Waiting patiently,
For the rain to stop.
Only then, I'll see a beautiful rainbow  


Healthy Mom , Radiant Mom

I have thought of lifestyle as a choice. Living in my body has been a journey for me, and during my teens, I struggled at times. I did not truly understand and treat my body as house for my spirit; this practice has only come with maturity. As women, and specially as young mothers, it is important to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and do the things that promote holistic physical health and wellness. This will allow us to be the best moms we can ever be, in harmony with our bodies.

I encourage you to check in with yourself and be honest about how you are feeling, how you have been treating yourself lately, taking a note of your basic self-care practices. Have you bwen getting enuf sleep? Eating properly? Getting enuf exercise? Drinking enuf water? Annual physicals, including blood work, pap smears, mammograms and monthly breast self exams are important to schedule even if you are feeling well. 

It's so easy to take for granted that our bodies just work for us. But we mistake this, our health is in our own hands and not in doctors hand. It's our body, don't let anybody treat it. Take a mini-Vacation everyday. May be this is the reason i've never visited a doctor as much, except my two overwhelming deliveries and those emotional prenatal visits :) Touchwood. 

Taking care of yourself and your health is a lifetime commitment. While your kids may not act as if they see what you are doing, I promise you, they are absorbing your example. Someday you will see that they will model much of what you've taught them by how you live your life. Choosing a healthy lifestyle takes discipline and personal study. Having experienced the miracle of growing two babies in my womb and watching them grow to be the most amazing teens and feeling the most healthy I'd ever been, I want to feel just as good as I enter my pre-teen. I want to have energy to play with my grandchildren, and to embrace this happy stage in my life's journey and maintain my inner radiance .... No matter what my age says I am :)

Have a Happy, Long and Healthy Life's Moms !!!