Friday, 7 October 2011

Take A Vacation Every Day

     Suppose you have 20 things to do during the course of a day. Further, suppose that nineteen of those things go well. The question is, which of the 20 things do most of us tend to focus on when we get home at night? Which do we talk about with those we love?
     The answer, of course, is that most of us tend to focus on the one two things that went wrong instead of the overwhelming number of things that went right. Why? Because we've become accustomed to spending our times and mental energy zeroing in on all that's wrong and all that needs to be done.
     It's time to create a new habit. Even if the good outweighs the bad, we spend the majority of our energy focusing on what went wrong. That's why it is time to take ourselves on what I call mini-vacations.
     We don't have to be on cruise or in a cabin in the woods to relax and enjoy ourselves. Instead, we can easily set aside short periods of time each day and bring fun and balance back into our lives.
      I'll put forth my example. For me a mini-vacation is a must. I just can't move without this vacation or else I end up ruining my day. For me my day, my time is very precious. Doesn't matter even if I purposely waste couple of hours knowingly. My mini-vacation includes, reading newspaper with a cup of tea early morning when my husband n kids r still sleeping, go for a long walk with ipod, I love long walks in the snow, solving sudoku puzzles without fail when family is at work/school. Going on a long drive with some snacks, music, coffee, a lot of books at night, blog, chat with friends for a little while, watching movies, listening to music while cooking, there is hospital nearby my house and volunteers are always welcomed at such places. I go there, volunteers for couple of hours, take flowers for 10 patient, help them with their lunch, talk to them, smile with them, cry with them.........I go on a vacation everyday with at least 2-3 things from the list. That makes my day and I'm ready for the family when they return home in the evening. It's a reset button that helps you de-stress.

Whatever you do on ur mini-vacation, if it gives you a break during your day, it's perfect for you. It is your special time, if possible make it non-negotiable. In other words, don't let other priorities interfere unless they are true emergencies.
     When we take a mini-vacation everyday, life isn't nearly as overwhelming. We have something to look forward to that is perfect antidote to our results-obsessed lives.
     This is a very small change in terms of minutes expended, yet the energy, enthusiasm, and vitality it produces with astound you.  


  1. I love this post! I consider my time very precious as I am always on some kind of deadline. Writing used to be my mini-vacation, but now its my work! I am going to take you suggestions and make my list today.
    I would really love it if you would do a guest blogpost on this for my blog. On Mondays I have guest bloggers post on the general topic of "Embracing Abundance." If you are interested in sharing these great thoughts with my readers, please contact me at ggvan1atgmaildotcom. Have a terrific day. You've brightened mine immeasurably!

  2. Hehe... I need to show this post to my husband--I consider my "daily vacation" time to be right after the kids are in bed. It's my time to decompress and just exhale and be still. Of course, the minute I come down the stairs after the kids are in bed, my hubby immediately comes after me, grabs me for hugs and kisses and asks if I want to watch a movie, take a bubble bath together, etc. It's not like I DON'T want to do those things... I just need 20 stinking minutes to myself first!! LOL

    We've been going over and over this concept of "Mommy's time" since my son was born nearly five years ago, and my husband still doesn't seem to get it! Men! LOL

    So now my default answer to "Are you up for...?" is ASK ME IN 20 MINUTES, AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ME IN THOSE 20 MINUTES, OR THE 2O MINUTES RESET!

    I feel like I'm scolding my husband, but hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do to get that precious "me time!"

    Smiles as always, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  3. Fabulous idea. Time is precious and the way you choose to use it is vital.
    Love this post. Thanks for sharing this very important inspirational message with us all.
    -Liz @

  4. Hi everyone, I saw Khairu's post in yalitchat and I just had to check it out. I love it. Thanks for sharing this with us. I need to really establish my mini vacation, soon. Jenn, I read your comment and was just laughing as thats exactly how my life is.
    Keep it up, Khairu
    Cece @

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping and leaving your comment....:)

    @ G.G Vandagriff: Will get back to u for the Guestpost.

    @ Jenn : Couldn't stop laughing on ur comment. Both r sailing in the same boat. Just didn't wanted to post that part on my blog ...:)

  6. Sound like good sane advice. I'm up about an hour later than usual tonight due to too much to do.
    I'm new to mom blogger as well. I've liked your blog on facebook.

  7. Yes, taking a mini-vacation on my deck full of flowers, and doing a sort of mental affirmation list are both important to me!

  8. Oh I love this idea! You inspired me!! Thank you soo much..I think I am going to have a post about a mini vacation too and put your link on it..will let you know!!

  9. I found you on MBS and I'm now following you.


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