Sunday, 2 October 2011

Make Mine Iced

Simple Pleasures

                              If I were to be really honest, I would have to confess that one of the greatest pleasures in my life is an ice-cold Coke (but only in the glass bottle, the ones in the can taste metallic) on a hot summer's day. The combination of the sweetness yet tanginess of the flavor with the amount of carbonation - nuthing surpasses it. Apparently, I am not alone in my obsession, as confirmed by the enormous storm created when the company tried to introduce a new formula.
     Unfortunately, I love Coke so much that I tend to overindulge and have to find other liquid refreshments. Enter iced tea: great tasting, lots of different flavors if that's what you desire, no carbonation (there's only so many bubbles a person can consume a day without feeling a bit overdone), no sugar and therefore no calories and, if you use decaf tea, absolutely not bad for you in any way. I drink it summer and winter, night and day. It is so satisfying that it makes em forget all about Coke. Well, almost.

Things To Do

Sun Tea:
                 Sun Tea is great because it has a mellower flavor than brewed tea. Drop 4 teabags in a quarter pitcher of water (the pitcher must be glass). Cover to keep out bugs and put the pitcher outside in a full sun. After a couple of hours, when the sun is really hot and u r too, remove the tea bags. Add ice and serve.

     For a variation, use a peach fruit tea. When the tea is ready, cup up a chilled peach into bite-sized pieces and add to the tea. Serve immediately for a one-of-a-kind refresher.     

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