Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Changes and Awards

Hello Everybody, How r u all doin' ?

     My today's blog is on CHANGES. Don't think that m going to write a 150 words essay on this subject. Enuf said in all my previous blogs.

     The change m talking abt tonite is the changes I made in my Blog Designing. So far I've never focused on  proper designing my site, coz I've always busy writing. I pick a random life topics, every day to day issues. Nuthing in particular. I blog for my passion in writing. So tonite, I was just browsing different blogs, reading them. I smiled with them, felt sorry for them. While travelling along with them, i was even focusing on their styles, patterns, the gadgets they used, how they have designed. Learned a lot from others and tried to applied on my site. Hope u'll like the new look. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

     This afternoon when  I was on my usual routine of checking my blog. It came as a surprise to me upon receiving a " One Lovely Blog Award" from a very friendly and inspiring blogger from Philippines. Thanks a lot, Mama Mia, I'm so touched for the love you pass on so sincerely despite the fact that we have just got acquainted. You have chosen me so wholeheartedly to be among the lucky recipients. Wow! It's really a surprise.

      Mama Mia, the idea of receiving an award never crosses my mind. This is my fourth award I got from a blogger friend and I'm appreciating it so much. In so many ways, I'm grateful that others are willing to spare some of their precious moments to read my simple posts. I'm trying my best to put bits and pieces together and come up with something that might be of interest just to anyone. I blog for my passion in writing, be it ever so simple. Initially, I couldn't help wondering whether anyone would care to drop by. It isn't a big deal, it's just that the inquisitive side of my mind plays its role. As time goes by, I realise that there are quite a number of visitors and it keeps on growing. Some left comments which inspires me even more and for that I always make a point to reply all comments, giving a little bit of personal touch which I regard as my commitment towards friends to keep the friendship going.

     Going through the journey of life, the unexpected happens, sometimes. As I said in one of my posts, I'm unable to foresee what lies ahead, be it good or bad. Somehow, I cross paths with so many wonderful people from some other parts of the world. Thus, making my life even more meaningful. We are all total strangers but in many ways bloggers unite us and enable us to share so much; from a simple talk to something that can boost our knowledge in different fields.

     I enjoy visiting other blogs, too. There are times when it comes as another surprise on seeing my blog listed in the blog list of other bloggers. I feel honoured for the appreciations and compliments from all these great bloggers. It gives inspiration and and does make a lot of difference....Cheers !!


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  2. Congrats on your blogging awards! wow! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!