Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Wealthy Barber Returns

On Thursday, after dropping off kids to school, I and my husband had an appointment with a Banker. She was explaining us all the new policies, terms n conditions which we both were patiently listening as she thought we were, but I admit we were not. We didn't knew this would talk 2 hrs. I don't blame her, she was doing her job n we were doing ours. And we didn't wanted to interrupt her either. So all this time went by n we were at our next level for paperwork. It was time to pick my little one from school. My husband had to leave n I had to be there for further proceedings. Finally, everything came to an end. All processed, Done, Deal, Signed....and my hubby didn't come yet. As I was waiting for him n wishing if I've had the book to kill my time, This banker came up to me n gave me this book to my surprise. What more could I ask for. The book is about financial security, money saving, investments and all money related issues. Though this subject is not my cup of tea, I started reading to kill my time.
     "The wealthy Barber Returns" by Dave Chilton. I must admit that it's an amazing read. He is so funny, so smart. He stated all the simple plans for better financial future. The topics are excellent, the advice current and helpful. I really liked his thoughts on credit cards. His statement, "I can't afford it" really impressed me. Nice everyday advices. Its very interesting of what he has to say after 20 years of "The Wealthy Barber". I didn't read this one, but sure will.
      He is coming here in Mississauga for two of his seminars. Will try my best to attend if time permits.
     I am thankful for that banker for giving me this book as a complimentary on our project and added that we were her #1 customer. That HELPED....:))

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