Friday, 15 June 2012

Review : I've Got Your Number

I long waited for this book. I entered the Giveaway but didn't win. Then I searched in the library catalogue, but there were over 50 people waiting for this copy. I still ordered and waited for a month. So, finally got it n finished reading. I finished this book in 5 days, cuz this copy was under "Lightning Loans" and cannot be renewed. Anyways , ....

I can never stop laughing while reading Sophie Kinsella books. And I’ve Got Your Number didn’t disappoint.
At the beginning of the book, our protagonist, Poppy finds out she has lost her ring. Now she is looking for it…
Not only does she not find the ring, she manages to get her phone stolen, too. So in a moment of desperation grabs a phone she finds in a bin. It’s a company phone. It belonged to Sam’s PA…

I’m not sure law states that, but ok. She gives out her new number to all of her friends and pleads Sam to keep it for a while. He agrees and they start sharing a phone.She is nosy, so she reads and responds to some of his e-mails, but just to help him. Yeah, the road to hell is paved…

Anyway, we soon find out more about Poppy and her engagement. She doesn’t feel comfortable with her soon-to-be-in-laws, and her fiancée isn’t that helpful. Pretty soon she and Sam are texting on a regular basis and things start happening between them, between one disaster and another.

All in all, an awesome book, if you’re looking for something hilarious with a side dish of romance. Bon appétit!


  1. I've been wanting to read this book, I'm also a big Sophie Kinsella fan. I'm glad it's comparable to her past books (I think my favorite is Can You Keep A Secret?)
    Thanks for the review, I'll have to get my name on the waitlist at my local library!

  2. I finished that book yesterday and absolutely LOVED it!!! Sam is so amazing, and different to other male protagonists, in my opinion! because he isn´t the standard perfect man but he can be grumpy at times too :) xx