Sunday, 18 November 2012

Review: Cover of Night by Linda Howard

Title: Cover of Night

Author: Linda Howard

Year Published: June 2006 

Why did u get this audio book?  Cuz I liked her previous novels. "Now You See Her", "After The Night", "Kiss and Tell", "Killing Time" and to sum extent "Kiss While I sleep".

Did u like the cover?  I loved it.  I wanted to read a romantic novel this week.

Did u enjoy the book?  Gud question. Hmmm .. not at all. LH books a like playing lottery. Sumtimes u'll win big and sumtimes u get pissed off. M glad I didn't READ this one. I thought it to be a romantic novel, full of passion, love. But it was nuthing like the cover. It was more of bad guys. I think she needs to do more research. The book is a bit enjoyable when it cums to Cal and Kate romance but hasn't been described in deep. I was looking for more. 

Are u keeping it or passing it on?  Can't wait to drop it in library. 

Anything else?  I've read a lot of comments and reviews after finishing the book and majority of ppl agrees that this wasn't LH greatest book. It's still quite good and superior to some other reads, but because it doesn't reach the high standard that LH has set with her previous books.

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