Friday, 18 January 2013

Review: Her Best Friend by Sarah Mayberry

Sometimes the cover, and the title of the book says everything. "Her Best Friend" is one such. The cover of the book reads "Her Best Friend" .... "More than friends" ..... "He's back, he's hot and he's single .. oh, my!" 

Most of them associate Harlequin books to be cheap indulgences for lonely night .. it may be true, but for me its a piece of chocolate. They a very hilarious !! And it also depends on when, u r reading? What time of the day? And it makes a lot of difference when its a book format or an Audio format. Book like these, in the audio format sounds very funny. Face it, sometimes u r in a mood of Harlequin. Without much ado, here's my thought on this novel.

Plot: Will it be friendship or romance? What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone else? She gets over it. That's what Amy Parker has done. Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she's taken the smart route. She's eased away from him. Just enough to get past the unrequited bits. And you know, it's working.

Until the day Quinn announces he's now single. That's right. He's single. And he wants to hang out. With her. Get reconnected the way they used to be.

Oh, this is so not good for Amy's equilibrium. Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him. But if he's free…and she's free…well, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions.

What I think ? It made me laugh, it made me think, some parts added to my dreams. You feel an instant connection between Amy and Quinn. I thoroughly enjoyed the re-living of their childhood, like when Amy first noticed Quinn's transformation from boy to man. Your sympathy goes out to Amy for her unrequited love for Quinn. I mean, c'mon, we've all had that feeling where you like someone and that person doesn't give you a second peek. And when Amy loses Quinn to her other friend! Well, that just sucks! After all, nobody likes being the third wheel. 

I'm reminded of the "Jerry and Elaine" relationship on Seinfeld. They went out, broke up, and became the best of friends--the kind you can't imagine living day-to-day without. Can you imagine that? Most people who break up can't be friends, even if that's where it started, because it's just too weird for them. But Jerry and Elaine pulled it off. Friendships are the best!

Love is not only for lovers, it is also for friends who love each other better than lovers and still be friends. 

Happy Reading !! 

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