Monday, 25 February 2013

Review: A Death In Vienna by Silva, Daniel

About the book: 

  • A Death In Vienna is the fourth book in the fictional Gabriel Allon series. 
  • Its based on revenge and justice themes.
  • 416 pages.
  • ISBN: 9780399151439

How did I get this copy?

  • Won a giveaway on a blog.

My thoughts on this: 

Very well written with complex plot with full of twist and turns which are not immediately obvoius. A story so unbe­liev­able that even those who suf­fered through it almost can­not believe it has happened. 

Gabriel travels to Vienna to investigate the bombing incident in which two girls were killed and went in coma. He finds in the hospital a man named Max Klein who believes that its cuz of him why Lavon has been attacked. Max tells Gabriel the story of his survival of the Holocaust during which he met a man named Erich Radek who he has recently encountered after sixty years, a man who was then responsible for many deaths and for burying evidence of the genocide who is now a respected businessman living with another name and identity.

Silva's books r not only intelligent and sophisticated but credible. He takes historical research very seriously. 

Overall its a gr8 ride. for me it was a bt slow too. I took my own time to finish n review it. 

Happy Reading !! 

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