Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: Beverly Hills Maasai by Eric Walters

Goodreads Review:

In his sequel to Alexandria of Africa, Eric Walters brings exciting new characters to life, with the urban jungle of Los Angeles as their backdrop.

It's the ultimate clash of cultures when Nebala, a Maasai warrior, leaves behind Kenya and, with two fellow Maasai, and crosses the world to compete in a marathon in the most famous zip code in the world: Beverly Hills, California. Reunited with their friend Alexandria, now their guide to strange, new surroundings, the trio are confronted with life in fast-paced, extravagant Beverly Hills, and customs and attitudes the Maasai find by turns baffling and amusing. Beverly Hill Maasai is another heartwarming, fast-paced, and thought-provoking novel from one of Canada's most popular young adult writers.

My Thoughts:

One day Alexandria gets a strange call from her friend Kenyan friend Nebala who is in California. Things were not gud in Kenya since she left. No rain, people and cattles are starving. The only solution for the three Maasai warriors was to win the Beverly Hills Marathon to improve their village condition.

Now the challenge for Alex and her friend Olivia was to help Maasai enter the Marathon. How did they help? What difficulties they had to face? And last but not the least, did they win the Marathon? If yes, how did they win? Reading this book will answer all your questions.

I loved this book. It is as engaging as the first book was. Its really interesting to see how characters change from one book to another. 

Happy Reading !!

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