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Review: Mr.Mercedes by Stephen King

Mr.Mercedes by Stephen King

Title: Mr. Mercedes
Author: Stephen King
Pages: 448
Genre: Fiction; mystery/thriller
Publisher: Scribner (Simon & Schuster)
Pub. Date: June 3, 2014

Stephen King has been my all time favorite author, and remains so today. Mr. Mercedes is a multi-level story, combining mystery, crime, romance and psychology into one epic novel. You go inside the mind of the killer and follow along on this crazy journey that could end in an epic, bloody catastrophe.You’ll gasp, you’ll cry a little, you’ll hold ur breath, and then you’ll gasp some more as the story envelops you right until the very last sentence. Amazing work from an amazing mind! As usual, never disappoints u.

I'll be blunt when a writer or any profession for that matter has been around for over 35-40 years, their work gets a little sleazy,though there are always expections to rule like Clint Eastwood and James Patterson and John Grisham 

Mr. Mercedes, starts off with a psychopathic killer driving his car through a mass of people waiting in line for a job fair, murdering several and hurting others. He manages to escape and his case essentially becomes cold. The owner of the car whom he stole it from then kills herself, presumably from the guilt of leaving her car accessible.

Retired Detective Hodges then enters the story; he's experiencing a newly retired life which feels pointless until he is drawn into this case, basically by Mr. Mercedes himself, and decides to try to find the killer on his own. In the meantime, Mr. Mercedes has plans for more evil, so the retired detective's search for him becomes a race to save thousands of people.

Mr.Mercedes is his first book in this trilogy. The second book comes in 2015. And of course i recommend this book to all Stephen King fans. Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as i did.

Happy Reading !!

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