Monday, 1 December 2014

Review: The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand: 

My Quick Thoughts: This was an audio book for me. Stephen King is never enough to read. There are only few writers who narrates the story as uniquely as he does. 

I picked this novel for two reasons, knowing the fact that I wont be able to finish in the time I gave to myself as I was in between 2 books. I still chose this as an audio book. Firstly, because of all his past works and secondly, its believed to be the best novel of all times. 

"The Stand" is a novel about an deadly virus that kills the world at large from a very bad cold that generates from a U.S Government Lab. It takes only few weeks for the entire humanity to succumb to the disease. Only few survives to show their appearance. Of course in a plot like this, we have good guys some bad guys, a total different and a new form of government.

All characters were amazing and fully developed. I actually started loving them and didnt wanted them to die. This is a novel about the battle between good and evil in a lengthy epic style. We have Mother Abigail on good side and Flagg on the devil side. Flagg's character was a nightmare. There's Harold, Nick, Lloyd, Tom, Stu, Fran and Larry to name a few character. M not going to spoil it by saying who belongs where. The only thing you need to know is Nick is kickass deaf and mute, Tom is cool. I didn't bother about couple of characters but started liking them as was listening along. 

So to wrap it up, this is just not the king's novel, it is "The King's Novel" broke all his previous records. Would without a doubt recommend this to all King fans. One of the best of 2014. 

Happy Reading !!