Friday, 8 April 2016

Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

My thoughts: 

Whenever I read a book, any book, I read it two ways: One, the story itself and secondly, how its written. Though they both are inseperable but still support each other. 

This book tells a story of a girl whose name is Liesel who is a Book Thief, who first encounters death  of her younger brother that occurs on a train and thats where she steals her first book "The Gravedigger's Handbook" left lying in the snow next to her brother's grave.

Liesel is an orphan, who has never seen her father and mom disappeared after delivering her to the foster parents named Hans and Rosa. Hans and Rosa are poor German. Hans is a painter and who has taught Liesel how to read and write. Whereas Rosa is abrupt, who swears a lot but with a very big heart and does laundry for the rich people. 

One night a Jew comes to their house, who, is a son of Hans friend in World War II. Max and Liesel become very close friends and he write a beautiful story for her, "The Standover Man" which tells the story of Max growing up until coming to meet Leisel. 

Markus Zusak is a very talented writer. Writing is incredible. 

"After ten minutes or so, what was most prominent in the cellar was a kind of non-movement. Their bodies were welded together and only their feet changed position or pressure. Stillness was shackled to their faces. They watched each other and waited." (p.402)

Writing sumthing like this is just not anything, it's an Art. Thats wat I liked about it. This story has made me think, sing and cry. 

What is a STORY? Any one can tell a story but its takes a beautiful WRITING to take the story to whole different level. 

This book is for everyone, any book lover. Highly recommended. 

Happy Reading !! 

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