Monday, 30 May 2016

Happy Birthday Dad ....

Loving memories of my very special dad on his birthday ..

My heart still aches in sadness
My silent tears still flow
For what it means to loose you
No one will ever know

Although you cant be here with me

We're truly not apart
Until the final breath I take 
you will be living in my heart

Dearest dad, to hear your voice and to see your smile
and just to sit next to you and talk to you
would be my dearest wish today and always
Watever it take to make it happen
Thinking abt you now n always !!!!!

I remember this one bday of his that I and my brother could never forget. 
I was may be 9 or 10 yrs old and my brother was 7 or 8 yrs old. Too young to go and shop and have money in our pockets. We both wanted to do something for him without anybody's knowledge. Not even mom was involved or aware of it till the end. (Look whose talking, She is a mom, she knows everything. Only we knew that she knows nothing.)  After a lot of thinking and planning, not left with much choices but to use his White Night Suit which he wears every night and which we wanted to use it as a Banner to write "Happy Birthday Daddy" . We ripped apart and made a banner or say chart board out of it.

Finally everything was set, Cake on a small table with candles on it, room decorated, banner posted on the wall, lights off and waiting in anticipation for him to come back from work. 

Door bell rang, mom opened the door and here He comes, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Daddy ... Happy Birthday to youuuu ...." Dad smiled, (Oh I can never forget that smile) was very very happy, surprised face, that glow on his face .. omg ... He cut his cake, we all shared smiles, laughter and enjoyed the delicious cake made by my mom. 

As the time was getting closer for him to change, my and my brother's heart kept racing. Now What? we said to each other. Dad went into his room and screamed, "Where is my Night Suit?" I and my brother gathered strength and hold hand in hand  and went into his room and said, "Dad, Where do you think we have written "Happy Birthday Dad" ?? ......... That moment ......  we didn't knew what is he going to do ? Will he scold us for the damage we did or will he laugh at it and forgive us ?

 Like any other dad  , He chose to Laugh at it and forgive us. And that night we got the best hug ever ... .. :) 

Will always cherish these little moments that we spent together ... 

Truly rich children are the ones, who run into their dad's arms, even when their hands are empty ... 

Happy Birthday Dad, Where ever you are !!!!

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