Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Don't Believe in Hard Times

     You've heard the old joke about hard times. When your friends are unemployed, it's recession. When you are unemployed, it's depression. Well, don't believe it.
     People get stuck in their beliefs about economy. If we worry that there's inflation or deflation, our attitude will cause us to have difficulty because of recession or inflation.
     One of the farmer recently said, "About the only way to make deposit on a John Deere tractor today is to hire a pigeon!"
     That's not a bad line, but a terrible attitude. No matter how tough things get, you just can't let them get to you. You've got to program yourself to keep expecting- and generating- boom times. If you keep the boom-time attitude, you'll soon be booming. Our minds and our imaginations can help us to ride out, to rise above- and even prosper in - times of both recession and inflation.
     It was during a recession that Bill Marriott expanded his hotel chain while others were pulling back. He virtually doubled the size of his company during that period. His philosophy was that while everyone else was laying off, he would hire- at lower salaries- superior people who would be grateful to receive work.
     During recession, Delta Airlines doubled the number of airplanes they owned. They told their employees, "We're going to keep all of you working ." The employees were so thankful they helped Delta pay for the planes!
     So hard times are nothing more than a state of mind. Change your state of mind and you can change the quality of your life, no matter what happens to the economy.


  1. I really agree that the economy is only bad if we focus on all the bad recession and depression stuff. I have a saying, "I choose not to participate." What that means, is when others go on and on, I just zone out and don't hear them. Great post.

  2. Hello really great post of course the news will only show the worst so it makes it seem like it is worse than it actually is. Hope that makes sense. I am a new follower found you on bloggy moms. Hope you can do the same.

  3. I agree. I have a book coming out and started my own business in this recession..

  4. I agree! Life is what you make of it!