Friday, 10 February 2012

Hardcover or Paperback

Actually it doesn't matter. I like both. There are places where u want to carry paperback. Like bus-stops, doctor's office or in the park. There r things I like abt Hardcover books, n things I hate. They're luxurious to hold, with thicker paper and smooth, sometimes deluxe-to-the-touch dust-jackets, but they weigh too much to cart around on the bus, park any where outside the house. There r some books which I really want them in my bookshelf at home in hardcovers. like Steve Jobs, Nora Roberts, Hugo Cabret, Fallen In Love, Peter Robinson, Harry Potter, Taken, Hunger Games, to name a few.

Which one do u prefer? Hardcover or Paperback? And Why ?


  1. hmm you made a good point. hardcovers can be a luxury to hold but are heavy, while paperbacks can succumb to the small space of my purse and crease (nothing worse than creased pages or covers!) they both have thier place and it just depends on the situation =)

  2. I enjoy both. I love the look of a hardcover, but they can be difficult to read. I end up taking the jacket off so I don't ruin it. Paperbacks are lighter and easier to travel with. I guess if it's a book I plan to reread and keep for a long time, I want the hardcover. If not, the paperback is better.
    New follower. Nice to meet you. :)

  3. I prefer hard cover for the books I want to keep for ever in my library.