Sunday, 5 February 2012

When Technology Takes Over Kids

How do you know when your kids are becoming too attached to their technology? One mom knew when she asked her son to turn off his Xbox game and instead of turning it off, he shoved her.

Being pushed was a big red flag for her since he was normally a cooperative kid. After a family meeting, they decided to have no TV, movies or computer games from Sunday evening until the following Friday evening. She says their home is much more pleasant with this new rule. 

My two kids age 9 and 4, do play games. They have everything what a kid asks for at this age. But there is a limit n time for every little things. They have their scheduled routine. Sundays its their day. Games, movies, dinners, shopping. They name it. But, its THE only day, THE only time with limits. 

Young kids becoming addicted to video games is a problem across the world. An
international study of video gaming among kids found about 9% of children in grades 3 - 8 were pathological gamers - resulting in depression, anxiety, social phobias, and lower school performance.

As with all potential addictions, it’s much easier to control the behavior before it becomes a full blown addiction. If your kids are starting to show signs of being too attached to their technology, it’s time to make a change. 


  1. we limit 1 hr a day for ALL screens that means computer, phone, i everything,wii, video games, tv...the kids are so used to thinking and active play they rarely even use an hour... they are straight A's and always the chosen leader among their peers and is better. no question.

  2. I agree. Our boys kept showing they weren't ready for all out games when they'd become addicted and obsessed with computer games, even with only one hour of playtime a day! It was all they could think or talk about ever.

    By the time they hit 14 & 15, they made a barter with us to get permission to buy themselves and xBox. We discussed the tendency to get addicted, and we really haven't had a problem yet. We did have to enforce some 'on time' during the summer when it started eating up every waking minute, but its fine during the school year and basketball season when they're busier with other things anyway.

    Good article and food for thought!

  3. Wow. Great article! It's something to really consider as my LL grows. (currently still too young for video games.)
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    1. Great post. I allow my kids to play video games on the weekends. They're usually outside running around during the day so I'll let them play in the evening. During the week days they're not allowed to play video games, mostly because after their homework, its time for dinner then getting ready for bed. I'm a new follower. You can follow be back at

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  7. I have a son who is almost 18. He started playing a few games when he was about 4, on my very old Nintendo system from my high school days. It developed into a full blown addiction over his elementary years. We had rules, limits, etc. None of it helped. Eventually, as with an alcoholic, we had to go cold turkey. We sold all our video game stuff. We did without for years until his younger brother got old enough to feel the pinch. Then we got a wii, kept it basically under locks, with lots of supervision & limits. We have 2 more kiddos now, who love to play video games, also, but we severly limit their exposure, thanks to what we learned from the first one. I still believe, sadly, that when my oldest goes out into the "real world" he will put video games 1st, before all other responsibilities and will have to learn this lesson the really hard way. I've protected him from himself as much as I can, but he still shows highly addictive behavior (sneaking, lying, stealing, cheating, all out deception). I believe some ppl just naturally have more "addictive" tendencies.

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