Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review : Betrayal by Danielle Steel

Ok, Danielle Steel's novels r very predictable. U'll know wats going to happen next. No twist n turns, no thoughts required, very fast n easy read, but it definately keeps u engaged, the lead character was likable, but the entire premise was unrealistic. That anybody smart enough to be this successful would be so gullible and BLIND to what was going on was far-fetched. This isn't my main gripe with the book, though. My main gripe is that this 320-page story could have been told in 100 pages, if not for all the repetition. I used to believe that Danielle did this for emphasis - saying the exact same thing a different way two sentences later. Now, I'm wondering if she does it to fill pages, because this book had SO much repetition that it became painful.

I've started reading Danielle Steel's ROGUE , m on pg- 47. Looks like its the same as Betrayal. Again fast n easy read, repetition everywhere. Even though m on pg-47, m still in the same scene. I think we won't b wrong if we skip couple of pages. With Large Print book, it's even easier read...lol... we can finish it in one night... I'd still give 4 stars for the time I gave to this book. .. :)

Happy Reading !!

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