Sunday, 27 May 2012


I love reading. I make reading possible anywhere, everywhere, anytime. I carry my current  reading novel everywhere I go. Besides books, I like to read on my devices too. Kindle, e-reader, iPad, iPhone n Blackberry. Many people feel uncomfortable to read on iphone, but if I don't want to turn the pages, I make myself comfortable with my fingers on my phone.

When I was browsing for different site to upload my book, I came across this Wattpad. It has nice stories. People write their fiction and non-fiction stories and call it a book. Some books are like their Diaries. They update them almost daily, atleast the once I'm following. They r easy reads.

I've been reading this book called "My Wattpad Love". Its a Teen-Fiction. Its hilarious. OMG !! I don't have words to express. Jules Jones seemed just like a gurl next door. It's a Internet  love story with all misunderstandings n curiosities. Knowing the fact that I had to wake up very early in the morning to make it to World Partnership Walk 2012 - Toronto , I slept very late and I missed my Walk. All thanks to my unhealthy sleeping n reading habits.

Anyways, other than Wattpad, I'm almost at the end of completing Danielle Steel's Betrayal and will be reviewing soon.

My this weeks read:

Happy Reading !!!

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