Friday, 20 July 2012

How Do I Read A Book

Last night at a dinner table, myself, my hubby n my son were having a chat on the Reading Club my kid joined in the library yesterday. My kid is 9 1/2 yera old. He is a very gud reader n when it cum to completing the challenges in the reading, hez is worst than I m. In Reading Club he has to finish reading the book, rate it and review it. I let him join in Goodreads. Though he gave couple of reviews, but they r not impressive,m teaching him how to give reviews and stuff. Atleast its better than Facebook and those Wii, iPhone, iPod Touch n iPad that he has. I taught him the other use of these devies that he has and can make the better use of them than just playing games, and that is, downloading iBooks, Wattpad, and other reading apps. And m glad hez taking interest in these things.

This is how I read my book and I thought him the same. First of all, make your goal massive and unreasonable so that you freak out a little. :). The average book I read is maybe 250-300 pages. Some are larger, some are smaller. I break this down to 40 pages a day, which I read early on so I can get it over with. It’s an easy, manageable goal, which doesn’t seem nearly so daunting as 52 books in a year. This is critical to managing your emotional state, making it feel like it’s totally reasonable. Than break down these 40 pages in a day, according to my convience, But it SHOULD be 40 pages or more but not less. This way I know I can complete this book within a week or in a week. . This eventually encourages me to reach my goal n finish the challenge. I use every moment. I wake up very early in the morning, sleep late, when I take kids to swimming, while they r swimming I read, In the park, or even when I my husband is driving I read.

I told him, "Sometimes its OK to give up on it - just for now. You can do this when you’re ahead of schedule and it won’t screw with you too badly, and then you can go back to that book every little while until you finish it." I did this a number of times this last year, which means the number of books I started was probably in the 60-65 range (I finished 54.)

If I think m cuming close to deadline, I cheat. I cheat in the sence, I read small books. You might say, "This si cheating", I would agree. But the short term cheating to help yourself succeed in the long run on this goal is more important than hard-headed idea that every book you read has to be frikkin War and Peace. It doesn’t. This is to enrich your life, not to make you feel like crap. By the way, small books r also incredible.

To conclude, reading has made me a much better, more complete, and happier person, quite person. All the world’s wisdom is contained in books– most of it is not on the internet or known by people in your social group, so this can really help you expand, if you let it. Try it !!


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