Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: The World Without You

It's been a long time since my last post. The reason being, my kids summer vacation. And you all know, with kids the time is always running. Their swimming lessons, karate lessons, library visits n wat not. So was kind of very busy, but some how managed to finish my TBR books in between, late nights. They used to swim n I used to read. So here I cum with a review of "The World Without You" by Joshua Henkin.

This story is abt FAMILY. A family comes together to their summer home for their son Leo's memorial.

I loved this drew me in from the very first page. First of takes place mostly in the area that I love. Then the book tackles the issues each member of this family face as they come together for Leo's ( brother/son/ husband ) memorial service.The flashbacks are huge in this book. Everyone has baggage and everyone has issues and no one is really coping very well at all.Marilyn has decided to leave David. One daughter is desperate for a baby. Another daughter lives in Israel and has no clue who she is or why she married her husband. Leo's widow is there... lost, sad and worrying about telling everyone about her new relationship. Another daughter is in a long term relationship with no plans to marry or have children.Those are the small stories within the big story. And sort of always hovering in the background is Gretchen...the 94 year old matriarch with tons of money who rigidly supports everyone. 

This book was very touching, moving, and has a very thoughtful ending. Give it a go, u won't b sorry.

Happy Reading !!!


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