Friday, 15 March 2013

Poetry Friday: Brain

"Poetry Friday" is hosted by Jone at "Check it Out". Here's my poem for today which m sharing from a book by Helen Vendler's DICKINSON.

The Brain - is wider than the Sky-
For- put then side by side-
The one of the other will contain
With ease- and You-beside-

The Brain is deeper than the sea-
For-hold them- Blue to Blue-
The one the other will absorb-
As Sponges-Buckets-do-

The Brain is just the weight of God-
For- Heft them- Pound for Pound-
And they will differ-if they do- 
As Syllable from Sound-"

I love this poem. Its words, its meaning, the way she has compared Brain to Sky, Sea and the weight of God. In the video below is the analysis of this poem. I have my own written explanation,  thoughts on this, but I was fortunate to find the video for you which is very similar to my thoughts.

Enjoy and Have a gud weekend !! 

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