Thursday, 28 March 2013

Right Time

In the entire day while m busy juggling with my schedule, i think, "When is the right time? Right time for me to pen down my thoughts?" And when i get time, thoughts procrastinate to flow from my mind. I do have time to think, to make a map in my mind as to what i have to write, how i have to start and end. Its just the matter of sitting down and doing it is what takes time. There are 24 hrs in a day, sumtimes i think over-time and take it to 36 hrs if i needed to finish what I am thinking. 

I have always n always valued time. I have never been late anywhere (any major delays or cancellations), i have always kept my commitments. Always been there b4 or on time but never late. Now that I value my time, i value others time too. If I don't let others wait for me, I do not appreciate if others keep me waiting. 

I read this book "Time Management", not that i don't know how to manage time !! But time to time I like to refresh myself by learning those little techniques so I don't let time slip through my fingers. 

I've heard people saying "Time is Precious". I wonder how many people take time to evaluate it. I believe time always test us. Why? Cuz when we are doing certain thing, time is not going to give us over-time for that work. Infact we have to keep looking at the clock before time is up. 

If u have time to read this now, read it. Otherwise leave it for next time. Come and stop by when ever your time permits. But plz, do make time to come back and take time to read. !! 

Wishing you all great time with your family now and at any time !! 

And now, its time for me to move on with my time ... !!! Au revoir 

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