Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Make a Commitment to Something Better

The mind is a very powerful "answer engine" .It will always find answer to questions we ask it .But you must be careful of which question to ask .If you constantly ask yourself "Why do I fail ?" or "What's wrong with me ?" your mind will come up with answers .

However , if you ask different questions , such as , "What will it take for me to succeed ?" or "I wonder how good can I really get ?"  your mind will also generate answers for you .

If you make a commitment to searching for success and making habits out of the things that work for you , you'll be amazed at how many answers ans solution will seem to just appear in front of you . This isn't the magic or power of positive thinking . It is based on the way your brain and attention -focusing mechanism work.

All day long we are bombarded with sensory , emotional , and intellectual stimuli. It is impossible for all of it to register at a concious level. Your mind will screen out 99% of what's out there. Your attitude , priorities, and focus will determine which 1% filters through to your awareness. Think about it .

For example , if you didin't care abt golf , if it never entered your thinking throughtout the day , you probably would not be aware of anything to do with golf . If, your friend dragged you out to play a round of golf one day and you got hooked on the game , you would think a whole new world had sprouted up in front of you . Golf was alwas there , its just that you didn't notice it coz it wasn't part of what you told your brain to pay attention to .

The same pattern works for the outcome of your life.If you are convinced you are a failure and the world is against you , your mind will find plenty of evidence to support you , even if it has to twist the interpretation of some input. On the other hand , if you are committed to succeeding and are convinced the answer is out there somewhere , your mind will focus on finding that solution......"The thing always happens that you really believe in ; and the belief in a thing makes it happen ."

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