Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Children Are Complete Persons As-Is

In our culture , we generally treat children as less than whole. From outside the box it appears a rather egotistical attitude on the part of adults. We behave as if children need this , that , and a good dose of other things - from us , of course - b4 we can take them seriously as we take our friends , co-workers n other adults ."A child is not in training to be a person but is one already ." Seeing children as complete allows us to respect who they are , and we know that children who live with respect learn respect .In this way we feed their subconscious with messages of acceptance and love .

It's a good idea to share this thinking outside the box with the other adults who populate your child's life.Commnicate with your child's teacher , again in a nonadversarial manner .Use that time during parents teacher meet , send an e-mail , write a letter or make a phone call .Explain you want him on your team of influential adults in your child's life who , in making his academic success a top priority n treating your child in a different manner .

Mutual respect n understanding can transform a less-than-perfect relationship with your child .Once you accept him already complete , you will find that the time and energy you spend trying to coax, help or otherwise encourage him to bcome somthing different , you can now use in a more positive way , encouraging and supporting all that he already is .

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