Thursday, 28 April 2011

Love for Books

Not many of us get through school , college and universities .All of different reasons . But reading is everywhere , any age , any time .If you are a mother , well , any profession for that maatter , but I would talk about mother coz , I am one so will tell you how books helps me in my every day to day life .There r things that I always want to know , I want to learn , I need help .I always refer n prefer books .For instance , "Save your brain ", "What a 3rd grader shoud know" , "Homework Hand book ", "Home schooling", "Your 3 year old", "Study smarter , not harder", ....and many more .These books have helped me a lot . No offence towards fiction books .

How well do you remember what you read? Think about a work of fiction you've read recently—what scenes, images or characters come to mind? Memories of reading can often be far more complex than memories of “real” events, since they combine “factual” memories—like your personal situation and social context at the time of reading—with the power of an aesthetic experience. So when you think of a book that had a profound impact on you, you often can't help but remember what you were doing and where you were when you first read it. Now think of a book that had no impact on you at all. Can you even remember one?

In order to make sense of these emotions, you need to think carefully about your reading habits. Ask yourself the following questions.

1. What book are you reading now ?

2. How do you decide what book your reading next ?

3. Do you always finish books, or do you give up on them? If you give up on them, how many pages does it usually take?

4. Do you remember the author of the book you read ?

5. Can you read in noisy places ?

6. Can you remember the name of the book that made you laugh or cry ?

                    Oh YES, I remember this book called BELOVED , I jus couldn't stop crying . Don't know if author was playing with the emotions or was it jus me.

              Like most people, I do most of my reading in bed at night. In the morning, if I don't have to get up right away, I'll spend at least half an hour reading in bed, which is, as most people seem to agree, the best place for intensive, immersive leisure reading. You can burrow down into the covers with your book or plump the pillows and sit up in your pajamas like a dainty invalid. You can stretch out, curl up, or snuggle under the quilt. If you feel guilty about staying in bed, or if it makes you antsy to look at the clock, you can lie on top of the covers and do some leg lifts while you read. You can make a nice pot of tea for the bedside table (it's even better if you can get somebody to make it for you). Of course, there are other places that are more commonly associated with reading—airport lounges, long flights, hospitals—but here we tend to read by necessity, as a way of passing the time, or to keep our mind off things. Lying supine in bed, everyone seems to agree, is the ideal place to read, the most conducive to immersion in the richness and complexity of another world.And the other alternative place is PUBLIC LIBRARY .......ENJOY READING .

"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. " ~James Bryce

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