Saturday, 25 June 2011

Balancing Self-Growth and Family Needs Is Always a Challenge

     The possibilities a mother has for developing her own talents at home are exiting; however, most of us know too well the difficulties of finding a comfortable balance between the time we invest in our own interests and the time we devote to our families. "BALANCE! Wow! What a loaded term!" As a mother of two sons, it's been nine months struggle each time to figure out how to get the dishes done, the house in reasonable order and the three of us dressed for the day. Now I have to figure out how to be ME! It's an identity that one constantly struggles with. How in the world can I figure it out when my time is so limited by other responsibilities?
     Many of us feel guilty giving time to ourselves when, after all, we are home for the purpose of nurturing others. Yet, most of us- over a period of time, and only after much trial and error- discover that we are happier, more loving mothers when we take the time to develop our own interests.
     When we become wives and mothers and first establish our homes, we are surprised to discover a new kind of self-fulfilment that beings to enrich our lives. These feelings of happiness seem to flow from the spouse and children. We find ourselves in new roles with new responsibilities, experiencing new feelings. As meaningful as this fulfilment is however, we also want to feel that there is still just "me" attributes that we nourish before we had family. And so, the great challenge and opportunity facing women at home today is to seek ways to enhance their own potential while keeping their family foremost in their priorities.
Feel free to share your experience as a stay-at-home mom. "You, yourself and your time". How you manage your time? Balancing, time management, your self-esteem, your identity.....This is a never ending topic, but has to begin somewhere.


  1. I found your wonderful blog on book blogs. I will def be coming back here often. Thank you for sharing a wonderful blog.

  2. I worked on that concept for some time. Ever since my gestational diabetic pregnancy, I had extra pressure set up. My father in law passed before he saw his grandaughter, my schizophrenic mom (literally sad to say) left her pills, my daughter developed a heart murmur, plus her torticollis. Life just went haywire, plus don't forget lack of sleep.
    My me time was limited back then, but since my daughter turned a year old about two years ago, I decided I really needed something for me. I fiddled with my interests, trying to find what I was missing. (Before I met my husband and got married, I was pursuing a major in art and graphic design. After marriage, I left and just lived life.) Not long ago, I started my own small press company with my husband to find great books. It gives me purpose again. Now that submissions are over too, I fulfill my time more with my own personal book blog.

    In the end, I really am a much better mom when I have something for myself instead of just going through the actions of the day. Ask my hubby. I get cranky if I can't read, design, or write. It's the artist in me, has to do something.:)

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