Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Get To Know The Real You

     At this point you might ask yourself, what is she talking about? I know myself. After all, I'm with myself 24/7. How much better can I know me? You spend so much of your time focused on your relationships with other people that you often neglect the most important relationship of all - the relationship with yourself.
     The majority of women are so catch up in their lives that they've forgotten who they truly are. When someone asks you to introduce yourself, do you respond by telling them what you do, where you live or who you know? Those are certainly important aspects of life - or at least they shouldn't be.
     Women are so identified with their roles as mother, wife, caretaker, daughter and sometimes career that they often lose track of themselves. Women forget who they are beyond these roles. They forget who they wanted to be, what they dreamt of becoming, what they love, what they value. In effect, they've forgotten their "self." You may be wondering what "self" we're referring to here.
     While it may be known by several different names - your true self, your essential self, your self wise -  this the part of you which is eternal and undiminished by time. It is your soul made evident.
     Many women have buried their authentic selves under a facade constructed in order to please other people or to be socially acceptable. Yet the effort to sustain this image is both draining and self-defeating, and it requires too much energy to maintain. Its time to step free of the scripted life you've been living and search for who you really are in the depth of your being. Peel away everything that's not essential and discover your authentic identity. Reclaim the women you truly are!
     Remember what's most important in your life. Remember your hopes and dreams. Discover or rediscover your deepest yearnings. In order to do this, you need to embark on a psychological search-and-rescue mission to comb back through your life and recover your joy, wisdom, passion, enthusiasm, self-confidence, vitality - the threads of your true self that you lost along the way.
     Creating a life you love requires courage, commitment and perseverance. All of which you have. The call now is for you to be authentically yourself. I am trying reconnecting with my authentic self and reclaiming my true joys and passions.
     There is reason behind writing this article. I will share my part of story tomorrow which is linked with this article. Till then enjoy this song which expresses the beauty of a women. It's a real source of inspiration to all the women's. Enjoy. Good night and see you tomorrow. God Bless you all.


  1. This is just so true. I am now following your blog because I don't want to miss tomorrow's part. If you get time, please check out mine.

  2. I think men could use this advice too. Our animal friends don't need it.

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  4. Thank you for the wonderful post! Authenticity, why do we have so much trouble with this? Shun the spin, get out there and change the world!

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  6. Great post!! I think that every mommy/woman should read this post,, we all need the reminder.Sometimes it is hard to remember that I'm more than Mommy and Wifey! Thank you.

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