Friday, 17 June 2011

Good News! Good News! Good News!

      Couple of weeks ago on Friday, there was my post on what's going on in my child's school!  If you all remember ! Here's the link again: . My today's post is the result of that previous post.
     I'm very proud to let you all know that my son, who's 8 years old, in Grade-3, goes to IB World school, has won the school science fair project (otherwise called "Inquiry Fair Project) on "Nuclear Power Plant" . He was soooo happy and so was I. I wasn't expecting that he will win because the competition was soo tough. Actually I myself was one of the judge in that panel but of course I didn't judge his class. Trust me, it's not easy to judge an IB students brain. When you look at their projects, their displays, they were not begging for ranking, they were demanding for their ranks. Those kids coming with a big smile on their face, looked like it was just a piece of cake for them. They were the students from SK-Grade 5. It became very very difficult for the judges to pick the winners. But finally it had to end. The big day was June the 16th for which all the parents n students were waiting for 2 months.
     There were two awards for these projects. Runner-up and the Winner. First, the runner-up was announced, which was not my son. I and my son were very depressed. I told him, "Son, m sorry. It's all because of me." to which he said, "It's OK mom, at least we tried." and our hands were shivering. Couple of minutes later, when the runner-up joined her seat, there was the Winner declared. "And the WINNER is Parwaiz Dhanani." I screamed on top of my voice. And my son was like, "Really" . He couldn't believe it either. Went running to the podium. I've never seen him this happy.
     While on our way back, he tells me, "All your hard work paid off mom." And that was my TROPHY. (where your son counts your efforts too. This shows that childrens are always watching  you more than they are listening to you.)
     There is a saying that says, "Don't worry that children are not listening, worry that they are always watching you."
     Lastly, I'd like to THANK YOU all those friends who have wished him luck. It's all because of his efforts and your prayers that he climbed one more ladder towards his goal. Thanks You. :) I'd like to share the picture of us.


  1. WoW!! Such wonderful news for your son! Hope he has a really good time and learns a lot!!
    Stephanie from Hope you're haveing a great day!!

  2. Terrific! Great to hear good news about good people.

  3. Great news - lovely, refreshing BLOG - well done ! :o)

  4. Congratulations! That is absolutely amazing!