Friday, 17 August 2012

Impossible by Danielle Steel

I started of this book when i was on holiday. Thought I would complete this but somehow got into reading from Kobo on my phone and could not finish this book. When I came back from holidays I got so busy in my routine that I didn't get straight 3-4 hours. I was always on roads most of the time n decided to get the Audio Version of  "Impossible". Finally M done with it. This was my first Audio book, actually n I loved it. My kids love listening to stories too... so, might as well ...Now no more music in the car only stories, for a

My Thought: 

I throughly enjoyed listening this story. This story is abt two different people Sasha and Liam of different characters and age, trying to work things out. Liam is considered here as a wacky artist who doesn't want Sasha to control him while Sasha is a mature women who doesnt want him to ruin her reputation. So, this struggle of Liam to become what Sasha needs him to be makes relationship IM-POSSIBLE. I loved the ending that besides of their relationship being on and off due to different circumstances they still made it...

My favourite quote in the story: 

"I don't want to be one of those pathetic women who are desperate to find a husband. And I think dating at this age is disgusting. It seems so humiliating and awful." - Sasha

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