Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: Family Blessings - Fern Michaels

"No place Like Home" was a much better read. This one is very badly written, poor plot. I could've given 2 stars but gave 4 stars for the time i've given to this book. I was quite disgusted with it actually. I had high hopes on this. Was very hard for me to even finish it but was a fast read. 

Sara and Hannah, two of the three Cisco triplets, are perturbed that their hubbies are coming home later and later, and immediately become convinced that they're having affairs. The truth? Hapless Zack and Joel have bought an expensive boat to sail around the world and are afraid to tell their wives. Sonia, wife of third triplet Sam, has just left her husband-why? He's not ready to start a family, and she's accidentally pregnant. Does she simply tell him? Of course not. The six lovebirds bumble around misunderstanding each other against the backdrop of cozy, homey Larkspur, Pa., where neighbors help the triplets' grandmother rebuild her tornado-destroyed home. The flimsy premise and artificial drama suck all the charm out of the story, and while Michaels's devoted fans might pick it up out of habit, this soggy tale will frustrate most.

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