Saturday, 25 August 2012

Make A Difference

10 Easy and Simple ways to make a difference: 

1. Tell the one’s you love, you love them, everyday — better yet, act/be loving in all ways so they feel your love everyday, in every way.

2. Share your appreciation for those around you. Tell them,  ”What I appreciate most about you today is…” Focus always on their strengths. ie. if it’s your boss, “Boss, what I appreciate most about you today is your fairness/the way you handled that difficult customer/the fact you always smile and acknowledge me when you come into the office.” If it’s your child, “Child, what I appreciate most about you today is your… and then name one thing or aspect of them you cherish – [hugs/ willingness to clean up their room/ positive attitude when helping with chores/ laughter...] Do this everyday with those closest to you and feel/live/breathe the shift in energy.

3. Smile at strangers.

4. Never judge others. You dont know their story.

5. Read. Read and Read.. Google doesn't have all the answers.

6. Tip the server at Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, where ever you buy coffee and give them a compliment on their service.

7. Take a walk in the fresh air.

8. Touch people when you talk to them — a gentle touch on the arm, sleeve, hand creates a powerful connection.

9. Whenever u r sad, lonely, depressed, stressed, hurt, feel like crying. Go out of the house, go for a long drive or a walk. You will find many people who are less fortunate than you are, nursing homes, hospitals, old-age homes. You will feel blessed n better. And plz, don't forget to PRAY for them. It will make a difference in both the lives.

10. Respect. Respect yourself and others.


Do u have some to add to the list? I'd love to hear ur ideas. 

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