Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries by Helen Vendler

Before I start talking abt this book , I'd like to Thank my only friend whose nearest and dearest and his family for giving me this gift of love for Christmas... Thank You. :) 

Emily Dickinson has never been an easy poet to understand. Not that I knew abt it, but came to knew a lot abt her aftre receiving this book. I loved poem since school days, Shakespeare's Sonnets, his work, but always gave up on them cuz of lack of understanding. 

Where you have these great poets like Emily Dickinson, we need a interpreter like Helen Vendler help make us understand. I wouldn't say shez easy either, she maintains the complexity of the poem but still helps us. Find a poem u want to understand and u r wrestling with it ? take it to Vendler and see what she has to say. She'll take u inside poets head and gives u the view from the poets side. 

Though this book has 150 poems, and explained by Vendler, I've read 34 so far n wud like share one of them with u which I loved. Once again I'd like to Thank my friend for this push. .. :) 
Poem lovers ?  This book is for you. 
Enjoy !!

Because I Could Not Stop For Death 

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