Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I don't remember where did I pick this idea from, but it's a brilliant idea. It involves listing down all the things you are grateful for, in alphabetical order. Gratitude si a blessing, it brings joy and washes all the worries. Here's my list of things m greatful for:

A : Ammi and Abba. ( Mom and Dad)  What would I do without them. Though they left me 15 yrs ago, but they are always with me, each day n each minute.

B : Books and Blog. I need them to keep my mind thinking and to keep my creativity alive. Books has always been a part of my life. Blog is a recent discovery. In other words, my blog is my Autobiography.

C : Coffee. I live on Coffee. This is absolutely necessary to maintain my sanity :P

D :  Dates. I can never forget dates. Birthdays, Anniversary. I have friends whom I haven't met since ages but never forget to call them on their bdays n they r like, " How cum u never forget our bdays. U are always the first one to wish." ... Its nice to smile for others, but its nice that u r the reason for their smile. Its a nice feeling .. :)

E : Earrings. Superficial, Yes, but they r pretty !

F : Friends and Family. M blessed to have a beautiful family. Somtimes I think, they don't deserve me. They deserve much better. M blessed. And friends ? I just have only ONE friend, to be honest. Whose just like me. I thought I'd never find someone whose like me. Cuz m Unique, right ?  .. lol.. but I found one, I so wish n pray for this friendship. I've had a bad experiecnce of losing ppl i love the most in my life. Just dont want to lose my family and friend.

G : God's Grace. Some people attribute their success due to hard work. Others, who are probably envious of them, believe that they simply were lucky. I do believe in the virtue of hard work, but at the same time, I trust in God. It's His grace that has taken me so far, and my faith shall keep me going.

H : Honest. Honesty is the best policy. I like to be honest to ppl. And I can see that its appreciated. So ...

I : Ice Cream. Only chocolate. .. :)

J : Ouch !! I can't share this one ... m sorry.. This one is just for me ... :)

K : Kindness. Kindness promotes confidence and optimism. It makes us feel good abt ourselves when we do things for others. Giving of ouselves to others builds up our positive self-image. Gives us a sence of hope. I feel more powerful and in control when I make a positive difference in the life of others.

L : Laugh. I laugh a lot. I love to c ppl laugh, smile. I try my best to put a smile on others face, doesn't matter wats inside. Laughing is a good medicine, but lemme remind u, if u r laughing for no reason u need a medicine.... lol...

M : Mautitus. Its the heaven on earth. I can't describe in words. Their traditional dance, their music, those beaches, sunsets on the beach, all u can hear is the sound of the waves, Churches, wat not ... Should I get a chance in life to visit any one place again ? Wud be Mauritius ...

N : Numbers. Love solving puzzles, Sudokus, Fibonacci Sonnet, Ken Ken. These help keep brain in shape.

O : October. Y October? I WAS BORN, YAA !! Common ... lol..

P : Pink. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Above all, girls wear pink. I love girls ..
Pink word is used again in ppls health. "Hope and pray that ppl we love are pink in health."

Q : Quite. In some ways, I am grateful for quiet time, because that is when your mind has the best clarity and that is when you can hear yourself the best. Unless u find urself, how can u find God?

R : Red Roses. Red roses are classic and a popular choice since their message is an unmistakable expression of love. The color red symbolizes enduring romantic love and passion.

S : Sunshine. Every morning, as the first specks of sunshine reach my window, it brings in its midst new hope. And once again, it reminds me the perfect ways of the cosmos.

T : Teachers.  My first teachers was my parents. Then from my primary school days, I have been blessed to have teachers, who have moulded me, guiding and inspiring me all along.

U : Unconditional Love. I had to think hard to come up with something for this letter. And suddenly, as I thought of my parents, their love is unconditional, I can never be a parent like them. But I have the love they gave me, which I spread.

V : Vacation. M on vacation everyday, with myself, my books, my coffee, my college, my music and in my car.

W : Wasting time: Time is precious. No time to waste.

X : Xtra goodies. I do anything to be the reason of others smile. Its a privilege.

Y : Yap, Yap, Yap. I don't like to talk much. But if I talk, I talk.

Z : Zzzzzzz . There's never anything as good as sleep after a long hectic day, is there ?

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  1. Beautiful. I like your writing. Your haikus really impressed me.Where is all this pain coming from? I was speechless after reading your I Am Beautiful post.

    Wish you nothing but the best in life. I dropped by from Would be happy if you visit my blog.