Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review : Double Cross by James Patterson

James really killed it this time, like always.This was the audio book for me. I was so lost in listening to this audio, that i back into a car when I reversed it and I didnt realize. Can u imagine ? I donno !!  when m with my audio book or music in the car, I really donno wat happens in the world outside. Most of the time I dont even know where m going. But anyways, its just the effect of the story that i loose myself in. Along with this m reading John Grisham's "The Confession" almost to an end, will review it by the weekend.

 The start of this novel sees Cross with his practice of psychology and a routine life of patients and analysis. He has a new great love in his life, Detective Brianna Stone. One bed scene and the rest is the killer scenes.

However a new master criminal starts a string of murders in Washington DC. The whole City is on edge. Each new murder gives new clues and new challenges for Cross to put the pieces together.

The killer craves attention and plays to an audience, the action is played out very much in the public eye. This publicity fuels the media and the hysteria spreads to the public at large. How can Cross bring him down and restore some normality to DC life?

From the beginning to the end James gives you the most thrilling and suspenseful ride into novel world. I read "CROSS" earlier on before reading this; and I must confess this was double the thrill than it. Really got me hooked on this one. To all the JP’s fans who'd want to go on a "thriller-coaster-ride", I'll recommend this.

Happy Reading !!

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