Friday, 2 September 2011

The Money Dance

     A survey was recently conducted by the University of Michigan. They wanted to study what effect money had on people's lives. Three of their findings were: What do people worry abt most? Money! What makes the people the happiest? Money! What makes the people unhappiest? Money!
     Our feelings abt this issue of money and prosperity are full and deep and intense and often impenetrable.
     Give you some example: One father of three, battles his demons with money- demons passed along to him by his father. When he was thirteen years old, his father went bankrupt and lost the farm that had been in the family for generations. As this boy grew up, he had anxiety around money issues and avioded risks of any kind. A women who is raising two girls on her own was brought up by her grandmother coz her own single mother couldn't support them. She lives with the fear of losing her daughters as a result of her unsteady income.
     We may not inherit money, but we do inherit an approach to money from our family of origin. Take responsibility for our prosperity conciousness, our money mentality, so we can blast away the wall that's keeping abundance from us. when we are alert to our old money programming, we can rewrite the script. Not only will our kids get a healthier example; but by becoming aware of money's role in our childhood, we can tame negative images and fears.
     When i was may be 17 or 18 years old, my mother introduced me to the idea that you can have all you expect and accept. When ever you visualize as being possible in your life, if you believe, you can achieve. It was an exhilaration realization for me and continues to be a core belief that I rein myself back to understanding. This is a truth I want my children to hinge their lives upon. I have seen how easily life works when I patiently and consistently focus on my dreams and visions. I want that ease for my kids, in their relationship with abundance, and in all areas of thier lives.
     Money is just energy. If we dare to imagine bounty for ourselves and guide our children to this same mental habit, we will shift our lives in the directions of our dreams. We can write our family's money script and accpet and receive prosperity with joy.
     Allow the energy of money to flow to you and then lovingly flow back out into the world. Your children r watching you.

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