Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday ! Monday !

         Monday ! Monday , What M I doing today ? Usually Monday to Friday are not that busy for me. Myself, my mind and my time is all mine and at Peace till 4:00 pm.. Kids go to school, I have my own stuff to do at my ease, so on n so forth. I get busy after 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm. That time is just for my kids.

     But today's schedule is a bit different. My kids go to IB World school. Today IB Team members are visiting school from Europe for the evaluation. They are here for  two days. One day with teachers and the other with parents. These two days are very important for me. I have a blind faith on this IB Programme.Not that I don't trust any other school or programme, but doing this programme was my dream which I couldn't achieve it.  I just can't compromise on this programme for my kids. And the best part is, this is THE ONLY school in my city and to my reach. There was no school with this programme till 2008 in this city. This is the first school who got recognition.  Tough I know the in and out of this programme, but it definitely make a difference when I'm sharing the same table with them.

     I have a lot of hope with these sophisticated n dignified people today, with this school, with my kids presentations. Hope all goes well with everybody.
     Gotta go. Get back to you on this very soon.

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