Thursday, 1 March 2012

Book Cover

To me there is nuthing better than a cover of the book. One of my second favourite place in the world is Book Store. (Chapters Indigo ). First favourite place is Library. I know , I know, I said this a lot of times but plz stay with me. There is a huge book store very close to my house n library at next intersection. It's in my daily routine to go to these two places thrice a week. Two times library n once Chapters Indigo.

Well, not all can afford to buy all the new books that cums in the market. So I go to Chapters, browse around the whole store looking for the new releases, pen down their titles, read the review at the back, and then order it online from the library and when the item is available m notified. Cool Na !!

Sumtimes I just walk around for hours just looking at the cover of the books. I'm well aware of the saying that, "U can never judge a book by it's cover." but I don't believe it. !!

Without further ado, here is the cover of the book that caught my eye last evening in the store n it's "In Transit" status from the library for me.

Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block.

What this cover say to me:

Based on the cover alone, it looks so creepy!! The fact that the whole cover is in pink with those looks thrown in really makes it stand out. Can't wait to read this one and show it off !!

Review of this book at Amazon: Pink Smog

What cover took your breath away this week ?

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  1. Hi there new follower here. You can follow back at I also love the library and book store. The cover of the book is what usually captures my attention, then the synopsis, so it's usually the cover that will get me to pick up the book and read it.