Thursday, 8 March 2012

This Months Reading Challenge

Every month I set this calendar for completing my reading challenges. Whether I review it or not on my blog, it's a different story. I try to read at least four books in a month. One book, each week. An average book I read is may be 250-300 pages. Some are larger and some are smaller. I break this down to 40 pages a day which I read early on so I can get it over with. It’s an easy, manageable goal, which doesn’t seem nearly so daunting as 52 books in a year. This is critical to managing your emotional state, making it feel like it’s totally reasonable. My reading time is set  late nights and morning hours when the kids r at school. I manage to read couple of chapters on the roads when my husband is driving, at doctor's office, or waiting for kids in the parking lot. As soon as I finish reading a book  I update my Goodreads and Shelfari challenges and try to give review on those books.

Reading has made me a much better, more complete, and happier person. All the world’s wisdom is contained in books– most of it is not on the internet or known by people in your social group, so this can really help you expand, if you let it. So start today.

My this months challenges are :

Completed and Reviewed on my blog.
Currently Reading

In a Book Shelf
In a Book Shelf

In a Book Shelf

In a Book Shelf

Will soon get back to you with the reviews on these.

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