Monday, 5 March 2012

Don't Interrupt !!

Do you ever find your kids interrupting you when you are having a conversation with someone else? Are you tired of telling them that they need to wait? 

I had the same problem. I solved my problem by teaching them  to put their hand on my hand when they wanted my attention and then to wait. 

When they would fall back into trying to verbally interrupt me, I'd remind them “That won’t work.” They soon learned that the only thing that did work was to put their hand on my hand and wait their turn. They were rewarded with my full attention when it was their turn.

This really worked for me. Now they know how to get my attention and m always there 24/7 to give mine, it's just they should learn and understand and put it into practise as to how to get attention without interrupting.


  1. a good lesson all around! everything is instant today, learning to wait is a lost virture!

  2. I do something similar, where my son raises his hand when I'm on the phone. I'll nod and put up how many fingers it will take me to wrap up the conversation, or before I can put the person on hold for a moment if it'll be a really long call.

    The other thing I do is, when he's involved in something, I'll catch his eye and raise my hand as well. Then I'll wait to have his full attention. If he doesn't give me his full attention, I'll clearly tell him that I can't talk to him until he does, and if he isn't willing to do so, he may lose out on our communication. It sounds difficult and ponderous, but it actually works very well once we both got the hang of it.

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Great advice I will try this. It seems that my children are only desperate for my attention when I'm on an important phone call.

  4. This is great advice,I will try this.New follower.My children are desperate for my attention when I'm on phone.

  5. Mine too ut my son also does this when I am talking to other adults and so I am going to try it with both events and see if it helps. So Thanks for sharing it.