Saturday, 14 May 2011

Count Your Blessings

"If you count all your assets, you always show a profit."

     One day, while I was going through tough times, I read a book that challenged me to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead, list blessings in my life. Since I was wallowing in my dark mood it seemed like an impossible task. But as soon as I began to randomly write down the positive things in my life, I was amazed how quickly a long list of blessings spilled onto the page. Soon my furrowed brow disappeared and I began to smile.
     Afterwards, when I read through the long list of blessings I realized ....I could easily add some more...Life is good.

 1.  Being alive
 2.  Being Healthy
 3.  Being a Canadian
 4.  Husband
 5.  Happily married for 11 years
 6.  Son, Parwaiz
 7.  Son, Riaz
 8.  Having enuf money
 9.  Beautiful home
10. Two younger brothers
11. Two sister-in-laws
12. One Nephew
13. In-laws
14. Business
15. IB school for my kids
16. Memories
17. Writing talent
18. Music
19. Friends
20. Cooking talent
21. Laptops
22. Reading habit
23. Laughter
24. My kitchen
25. Freedom
26. Every weekend with family
27. My coffee with newspaper
28. Sunrise and Sunset
29. Comfort
30. Inner peace
31. Beauty of nature
32. Precious moments
33. A bright future for kids
34. Free Time
35. Smiles from others
36. Forgiveness
37. Relationship with God
38. Special friends
39. Quality time with kids
40. My Sunday car
41. That I have 40 things to be grateful for and still continues.

      You start making yours, for sure you'll end with a smile.