Thursday, 5 May 2011

Schedule Time Just For You

      Many women feel that time for themselves is stolen time in which they are playing hooky from more important endeavors! It's time to stop feeling that you have to get sick in order to take time for yourself. It's time to start scheduling self-nurturing activities, because when you schedule personal time you make it legimate.
     Take a mini-vacation. We all need a break from our busy lives. We know, there's so much to do, you couldn't possibily take time just for yourself. But let's put things in perspective. There is very little in life that requires attention. You may think that it does, but with rare exceptions, most things can wait untill tomorrow. In other words, take time for yourself.
     Your health and well-being may be in jeopardy if you're neglecting yourself. And if you're running on empty, you're not doing anyone any good, atleast of all yourself.
     Fantasize about what time for yourself would be like? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who, if anyone, do you want to spend this time with?
     Start small, do what feels manageable- a lunch date with a friend, cuddling up for an hour with a good book, an afternoon at the movies, a walk in the woods, spending part of a day under the covers, napping, watching your favourite movie, or having a picnic in the park. The possibilities are endless. Do what makes you feel happy and relaxed for couple of hours everyday.
     If you really want to be daring, take an entire day off. This dosen't mean catching up on unpaid bills, doing work at home. It's a day devoted to you and you alone. Let your family know that you're going to take some time just for you. Notify your office that you're going to take a mental health day. Take a sick day without being sick. Use one of your day just to pamper yourself.
     Be courageous and schedule at least one hour of personal time at least once a day. Remember, it can be something as simple as getting up before your family to enjoy your morning coffee or tea in peace, soaking in a bubble bath surrounded by candle-light, or watching the petals open on the roses in your garden.

     When scheduling personal time, keep it simple. The fewer details the better.
     Self-caring is essential. It's necessary for your psycological, emotional and physical well-being. When you set aside time just for you, you're declaring your self-worth. In return, other people will value you and treat you with greater respect. I like myself enuf to spend time with myself...:)

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