Friday, 6 May 2011

A Mother's Guiding Hand

      As parents, we always hope to develop character traits in our children that will enhance their success in life. When my eldest son Parwaiz, lost his front tooth at the age of six, I found the following note wrapped around his tiny tooth:

     "Der Tooth Fary, Pleze leve me your majik wand. I can help. I want to be a tooth fary too."    Parwaiz.

     Recognizing potential leadership skills, precious opportunity and the teachable moment, the "Tooth Fary" left the following note for little Parwaiz.:

     Dear Parwaiz,
                          I have worked hard to be a good Tooth Fairy and I love my job. You are too young for the job just now, so I cannot give you my wand. But there are some thing that you can start to do to prepare yourself for the job:
     1. Always do your best in every job that you do.
     2. Treat all people as you wish to be treated.
     3. Be kind and helpful to others.
     4. Always listenn carefully whenever people speak to you.
I will interview you one day when you are older and ready for this job.
                                                                                                        Good Luck, Parwaiz! The Tooth Fairy
     Parwaiz was thrilled at the response from the Tooth Fairy. He took the message to heart and carefully followed the instructions, always working to improve as he grew. His character, his strength and his leadership skills grew right along with him. And he is still continuing to follow the instructions.
     Last year , at Annual day function at school, he was asked by his teacher, "What influences had motivated you towards your success and your position at school this year?" He said, "Almighty, my parents, my teachers and my friends. And of course, the Tooth Fairy!"

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  1. i believe he doesn't need a wand as the letter has done a great deal on him...