Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Remember What You Have To Offer

      One of the primary messages of my today's blog is to learn how to put yourself first. Be yourself, others have already taken. You have to take care of your needs before you can take of the needs of others. However, once you have a sense that your life is on track and your needs are being met, it's time to turn your attention to making a contribution to the larger community.
     After all, caring is intrinsic to being human. It's a reflex. You live, therefore you care. A woman drops her package, you help her to gather her belongings; a blind person stands in a crosswalk, you offer to guide him across the street; a coworker is locked out of her car, you offer to call a locksmith. It's natural part of being human. You live, therefore you help.
     When disasters strikes or any emergency occurs, you are quick to lend a hand. We rally together during a flood, earthquake or fire. We bring food to a friend when a loved one passes away. We baby-sit for a neighbor when her parent is rushed to the hospital. Yet we don't have to wait for times of crisis to share our compassion. We can - in fact we must - share our caring on a regular basis.
     You give to others for obvious moral reasons, but when you stop and think about it, service also enriches your life- you receive a gift in the giving. How you ever noticed how you can be in a bad mood, but when someone calls you and you extend yourself, your mood shifts immediately? At those times, you're reminded of who you really are and what you have to offer. It's just not the person on the receiving end that benefits; you do as well.
     Giving adds a sense of satisfaction to life that few other experiences can. When you reach out to others, you feel your interconnectedness with all of life. You feel a kinship, a sense of community - a taste of unity and belonging.
     But you can't simply give once and expect that it will have a lasting effect. You have to make service a habit - a natural part of your everyday life. When you begin to give of yourself, you'll find that the old saying, "Virtue is its own reward," really does ring true.

     I just want to share this with you all, how I do this. Once a month, every long weekend, or holidays, (whenever I can)  I go to this near by hospital with a big bouquet of multi-coloured roses and a GET-WELL-SOON cards. I give to each patient, say 50 roses n cards to any 50 patient. I give each one them with a smile on my face. I just can't express in words the happiness I get and the smile n blessing they give me in return. Sometimes I even take time to sit with them for 5 mins. Talk to them. I usually go around lunch time, so I can get a chance to feed couple of them.
     What do I get? Peace, happiness, self-satisfaction of serving others, peace and happiness in my family, in my home. No matter how happy you are, this happiness is different when you are serving others.
      I am recognizing my gifts and talents and using them to make a contribution.


  1. I can safely summarised from the above post that Giving is Receiving. Do you agree?

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