Thursday, 12 May 2011

Tell People How You Feel

 I believe one of the biggest reasons we cry at funerals is that we don't fully communicate to our loved ones how much we love them.
     Many people let conflicts with friends and family members to remain unresolved out of pride, often for years. Our ego can prevent us from forgiving, healing, and connecting with people who mean the most to us.
     If you have a conflict with the loved one, the simple act of telling that person the result you're hoping to achieve in the relationship is half the battle. I think this is the first step to removing the ego from the situation. When that happens, nothing will stand between you and a mutual understanding.
     Write down a list of the people who mean the most to you, including your family members, friends, associates at work, customers, spouses and anyone else you can think of. How many of these people know how you feel about them? Next, write down the cost of not communicating how you feel about these people. How do you think your relationship would be affected if you told them?
     Beside each name write down what you are committed to doing or saying to let these people know how much they mean to you.
     It's quite normal to feel a little awkward about this exercise. After all, we've been conditioned to hide our emotions. Don't let another day go by without letting the people who mean the most to you know how you feel !!!

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