Tuesday, 10 May 2011


     "Consciousness is nothing but awareness- the composite of all the things we pay attention to."     Deepak Chopra.

     There is an old joke about a religious man who had an unshakable faith in God. He prayed every day and felt that if anything ever happened, the Lord would be there to take care of him.
     One day it started to rain. The man's village flooded, and everyone hurried to escape. Some people came driving by his house in a car, urging him to come with them to safety.
     His reply was, "The Lord will save me."
     The rain continued to fall, until the water rose so high that the man needed to go up to the second floor of his house to stay dry. A boat came by, and the people on it urged him to climb aboard and go with them to safety.
     Again, he responded, "Thank you kindly, but the Lord will save me."
     The man soon needed to go up on the roof in order to avoid the rapidly rising water. A helicopter flew by and the pilot shouted down, "I'll toss you a line and we'll hoist you up."
     For the third time, the man refused. "Bless you," he said to the pilot, "but the Lord will save me. Any minute, you'll see, the Lord will do something and I will be saved."
     Within minutes the level rose, washing the man out to sea, where he drowned. He went to heaven, and when the Lord was reviewing the new arrivals, he was surprised to see the religious man.
    "You're not supposed to be here!" said the Lord, "It's not your time. What are you doing here?"
     The man said to the Lord, "I believed in you. I believed that You would save me. I waited and waited, and you never came. What happened?"
     The Lord replied, "I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter. What more do you want?"
          The point is what we need to listen closely to hear our messages, as they do not always sound or look the way we think they will. You need to be tuned in to pick up their frequency, or else you might miss some important clues being generated from your spiritual center.

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